Free Hard Drive Recovery 

Free hard drive recovery or free hard disk data recovery is usually not an option. This is because hard disk failure is usually mechanical. 

Hard drives contain many mechanical parts in order to spin the hard disk, move the read heads, etc., and the wearing out or failure of these mechanical parts account for a large percentage of the total hard drive problems that occur. More specifically, it is the read heads and read head assembly that account for most of the mechanical related issues with hard drives. Read head related problems include:

  • head crashes (usually a small percentage of the head related problems) - where the read heads actually contact the surface of the hard disks leading to scratches and irreversible damage
  • improper flying height of the read heads – causes improper reading of the hard disk
  • contamination of the read heads
  • defects in head manufacture
  • bad wiring between the heads and logic board

Free hard drive recovery in order to repair these above stated problems is not an option because a hard disk data recovery specialist is required. For repair, the hard drive case needs to be opened under clean room conditions so that the hard disks do not get contaminated which would destroy them on start up. This is usually an expensive service.

The deterioration or damage of the hard disks themselves is relatively uncommon and generally only occur with poor handling. Logic board or firmware failures are uncommon as well and therefore software to restore hard drives is often not very useful. These software utilities may cause additional damage if run on a hard drive that is having mechanical problems. Depending on the issues some free software recovery programs may help, but keeping in mind the above stated warning.

There are some circumstances where free hard drive recovery techniques can be applied. Note that these techniques should be used with caution because further damage to the hard drive may occur.

Free Hard Drive Recovery from Viruses

A hard disk drive may not be functioning properly because of a virus or adware on the computer. In this case, free hard disk data recovery involves obtaining free software that is available on the internet to eradicate the problem. For a small fee, higher level anti-virus software would likely do a better job.

Sticking Read Heads

Sometimes the read heads stick and do not move and therefore are unable to read the hard disks. A light tapping of the hard drive case has been known to sometimes free the heads so that the hard drive can function properly. Note that if the heads are sticking this is a sign of mechanical issues with the hard drive and it should be replaced.

Operating System Problems

On some occasions the hard drive may be functioning satisfactorily but the operating system has been corrupted and the computer cannot boot. This is an opportunity for free hard drive recovery for the most part. Another hard drive needs to be obtained and installed as the main hard drive. If the hard drive already has an operating system on it then great, if not it can be loaded on. The problem hard drive is installed as a slave. Basically, it shows up as another drive such as the F drive on the computer. This allows the problem hard disk to be accessed and worked on or files retrieved without having to run the operating system on the problem hard disk drive. This requires some basic knowledge about the inner workings of the computer.

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