Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts 

Hard drive data recovery experts are required in most cases when a hard disk drive fails. This is because a hard drive is a storage medium that is a bit more complex than other storage media such as optical discs, magnetic tapes, etc. A hard drive is composed of hard disk platters, which is where the information is stored, and a number of mechanical parts to make the hard drive function.

These mechanical parts include a spindle motor, actuator, read head assembly, the actual read heads, etc. The disks and mechanical parts are enclosed inside of a case and this constitutes the hard drive. For other types of storage media, the mechanical parts to read the media are in the reading or recording equipment and not directly associated with the media.

Most hard drive failures are not due to the deterioration or damage of the hard disks themselves. Problems are generally caused by the failure of one or more of the mechanical parts and hard drive data recovery experts have the necessary expertise and facilities for successful data recovery when such failures occur. One of the key factors with respect to hard drive recovery is the fact that the hard disks are in a sealed case. This case was assembled under strict clean room conditions and should only be opened under such conditions. If the case is opened and the hard disk surfaces get contaminated, then when the hard drive is reassembled and attempted to be read, the debris on the disk surfaces will cause a head crash which will damage the disk surface and lead to the permanent loss of data. Why does this occur? The read heads in a hard drive float over the surface of the disk as the disk spins when it is being read. Any debris on the hard disk surface will disrupt this air gap and cause the read heads to land on the delicate disk surface leading to scratching. Note that opening a hard drive case will void any existing warranty on the hard drive. Often this warning is clearly written on the hard drive case.

Therefore, trying to repair a hard drive without hard disk data recovery services usually means irreversible loss of information. Hard drive data recovery experts have the necessary clean room facilities to avoid contaminating the hard disk. These experts also have years of troubleshooting experience and the necessary recovery equipment and hard drive recovery software to perform the recovery operation. In most cases some data can be recovered from the problem hard drive. In many cases, at least some information can be retrieved. Attempts to recover hard drives without the proper experience, facilities or tools usually are not successful to any degree.

Unfortunately, professional hard disk data recovery services are not inexpensive. A basic diagnostic test usually is at least a couple of hundred dollars. Basic recovery can start at about $500 and go into the thousands depending on the degree of data recovery required and the amount of problems with the hard drive. Generally, the use of these hard drive data recovery experts is only for extremely valuable information.

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