Blue Ray Movies

The first blue ray movies were introduced into the marketplace in 2006. Blu ray movies are excellent quality productions and provide high definition video at 1080p. This quality is quite a bit higher than the standard DVD resolution of 480i. A progressive scan DVD player can output at 480p.

However, despite the excellent quality movies that blue ray discs provide, they did not take the marketplace by storm. There are several reasons for this. First the cost of the movies and players was very high initially as is the case when new technologies are first introduced. There was a limited selection of blu-ray movie titles to choose from in the early days of this format. Many consumers still had older 4:3 television sets and jumping into blu ray technology would provide no benefit to them. There was also competition from the HD DVD format for the high definition movie market. This confused consumers and many did not move into the HD movie market because of the uncertainty created with two incompatible formats competing against each other. Finally, consumers were quite happy with the quality of DVD movies overall and did not feel a need to pay more for even better quality.

However, with prices for movies and equipment coming down, the disappearance of the competing HD DVD format, many more blu-ray movie titles becoming available, and the large increase in sales of high definition widescreen television sets, movies on blue ray discs are now being readily adopted. It appears that blu ray movies are being accepted faster than DVDs were at a similar point in their lifetime.

With the interest in blue ray movies at a high level, supporters of the format eagerly await the introduction of new releases. Information on new releases is provided on this page.