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DVD Formats or Digital Versatile Disc Format

DVD formats or digital versatile disc formats started to become available in 1997 with the introduction of the DVD movie disc.

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DVD CD Wallet or Album Storage

A DVD or CD Wallet and DVD CD album are two methods for storing optical discs. However, are these acceptable and safe methods for disc storage?

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CD Storage Cases: The Jewel Case - Digital Scrapbooking Storage

CD storage cases or CD jewel cases are the recommended way of storing your CDs or DVDs in order to prevent deterioration.

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Laserdisc or Laservision Video Disc

The laserdisc was basically the first optical disc format and it targeted the home video market (viewing of Hollywood movies at home) with better than VHS quality video.

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Compact Disc Digital Audio or Audio CD

The compact disc digital audio format also known as digital audio CD or audio compact disc was the first CD format that was introduced into the marketplace in 1982.

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DVD R or Recordable DVD Media

DVD R or recordable DVD media is similar to the CD R format but it provides about seven times more capacity for the storage of digital information.

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Paper DVD and CD Sleeves for Disc Storage

CD sleeves or DVD sleeves are often used to store optical disc media because they are cheap and space saving. However, storage in paper or plastic sleeves can damage discs.

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DVD Easter Eggs Hidden in Movie Discs

DVD Easter eggs are simply features on DVD movie discs that are hidden or not plainly visible. Like a traditional Easter egg hunt, these hidden gems need to be searched for.

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CD DVD Storage Media - Digital Scrapbooking Storage

Is CD DVD storage media the right option for storing your digital photographs, emails, digital audio and video, and various other important electronic files?

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Scrapbooking Websites and Resources

The scrapbooking websites page provides a list of scrapbooking resources websites so that you can get additional information on digital scrapbooking.

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CD and DVD Cold Storage Conditions for Long-Term Preservation

Is CD and DVD cold storage a viable method for preserving this type of optical disc media? Cold storage can be an effective method of slowing down the degradation of information carriers.

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What is Digital Photography?

What is digital photography? Digital photography is the modern method of taking photographs and requires no film and chemical processing in order to see your photographs.

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Digital Photography Basics For Beginners - Digital Scrapbooking Storage

Digital photography basics is essential in order to produce quality digital pictures that can be used in scrapbooking projects.

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Digital Photo Tips for Great Photographs

Digital photo tips to help you with your digital photography. Whether as a hobby or a business, the digital photography tips provided in this eBook will help you create outstanding digital pictures.

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DVD Movies New Releases

Information on DVD movies new releases can be found on this page. Visit this page often to find all the DVD new releases and additional information for DVD movies.

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Digital Media Storage Websites and Resources

The digital media storage websites page provides a list of digital media resources so that you can get additional information on digital storage media.

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Tips for Taking Digital Photography

Tips for taking digital photography are available in two eBooks. These digital photography tips eBooks will help you take professional looking digital photos.

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Magnetic Tape Storage: Temperature and Relative Humidity Conditions

Proper magnetic tape storage at the recommended temperature and relative humidity conditions is required in order to prevent audio tapes or video tapes from degrading prematurely.

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What is a Hard Drive?

What is a hard drive? A computer hard drive or hard disk is a storage medium used by your computer to store digital information. This is often where digital scrapbooking projects are stored.

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Digital Storage Media Questions and Answers

Digital storage media questions and answers on topics such as storage media structure, digital media deterioration, digital media repair, storage, handling, and longevity of storage media.

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Solid State Hard Drive

A solid state hard drive or solid state disk drive (SSD) is actually not a disk at all. This type of storage memory device uses flash memory technology to store information.

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Digital Frames for Photos - Digital Scrapbooking Storage

Digital frames or digital picture frames are a convenient way of displaying digital photos. However, digital photo frames should not be used as a long-term storage device for digital photographs.

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DVD RAM Disks or Random Access Memory Erasable DVDs

DVD RAM disks are a type of erasable DVD disk and were the first type of erasable disc media available in the DVD format.

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CD Album Covers - Jewel Case Insert Covers

CD album covers and cd jewel case inserts are those glossy pages that are found in the CD jewel case. Should these be left in the case for the long term storage of optical discs?

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DVD and CD Storage – Optical Media Storage

CD storage, DVD storage, and other optical media storage as well as handling of the media are very important variables to manage for proper digital scrapbooking storage.

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Digital Scrapbooking Storage Sitemap

The digital scrapbooking storage sitemap helps you easily navigate through the digital scrapbooking storage website.

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Digital Scrapbooking Page Ideas and Tips

This digital scrapbooking page ideas section of the website allows those involved in scrapbooking to share their ideas and any scrapbooking tips.

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LightScribe Software Free Download

LightScribe software is required in order to use the LightScribe labeling feature on LightScribe media.

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CD Cover Label and Cover Template

A CD cover label is a peel and stick adhesive CD label that is placed on top of a CD in order to identify the contents stored within the CD or to make the top of the CD more decorative.

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Compact Disc Storage or DVD Storage Conditions

Proper compact disc storage or dvd storage conditions are required in order for these types of optical media to last many years. Temperature and relative humidity must be cool and dry respectively.

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Hard Drive Backup for Computers

A hard drive backup of the hard disk in your computer is a critical component to ensuring that the digital information stored on a hard drive is not lost.

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Cleaning Compact Discs

Cleaning compact discs or cleaning CDs is sometimes all that is required to make these discs play properly. Following proper disc cleaning procedures ensures no disc damage occurs.

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Best Digital Photography Technique

Digital scrapbooking storage provides digital photography technique secrets to help you create quality digital photos for use in your digital scrapbooking projects.

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Dual Layer DVD or DVD-R DL Dual Layer Media

Dual layer DVD media or DVD DL media provide more storage capacity for the storage of digital information than standard digital versatile discs.

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CD or DVD Disc Repair

DVD disc repair and cd disc repair are required when these media have degraded or have been damaged. Optical media are not indestructible and they can degrade by physical and chemical means.

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Cracked DVD or CD Repair

Cracked DVD repair and cracked CD repair are not really possible. There is nothing you can do to repair the crack effectively. Playing a cracked disc can be very risky.

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Best DVD CD Burners

DVD CD Burners, DVD CD recorders, or DVD CD writers, are required to record information on recordable CDs, recordable DVDs (DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs), erasable CDs or CD-RWs, and erasable DVDs.

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Online Photo Backup Storage

Online photo backup or online photo storage is one method that can be used to store and safeguard digital photographs and other digital files.

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CD R or Recordable CD Blank Media

A CD R or recordable CD is a write once format that can be used for digital scrapbooking storage or storage of any other type of digital information.

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CD RW or Erasable CD Media

CD RW discs are erasable or rewriteable optical media in the CD size format. This disc format is purchased blank and then users can add information to the CD-RW media.

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Digital Photo Storage Tips

Proper digital photo storage is required for the survival of digital photographs well into the future.

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CD Copyright Laws for Burning CDs

CD copyright laws may have to be considered when you want to extract information from audio CDs in order to include that information in your digital scrapbooking projects.

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Compact Disk or CD

The compact disk, also known as the compact disc or quite simply the CD, was first introduced in 1982 when the digital audio CD was released into the marketplace.

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Digital Photography Help and Photo Resources

The digital photography help page provides links to useful digital photography resources.

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Iomega Zip Disk Drive

The zip disk is manufactured by Iomega and it is often called an Iomega disk. It is a 3.5 inch removable floppy diskette, but differs in some significant ways from standard floppies.

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Copy VHS Tapes to DVD

There are many ways to copy VHS tapes to DVD. Converting VHS to DVD is one way to preserve and have access to many of the memories of special events that were recorded on VHS tapes.

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Compact Disc Read Only Memory or CD-ROM

CD ROM stands for compact disc read only memory. This disc format was introduced in 1985 for the storage and distribution of computer software, computer games, text, and multimedia applications.

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USB External Hard Drive Computer Storage - Digital Scrapbooking Storage

A usb external hard drive is an excellent way to store or backup digital scrapbooking projects. External hard drives are also useful for general backup of digital photos and other computer files.

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