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LightScribe software is required for it to be possible to use the LightScribe labeling feature on specially marked LightScribe media. 

There are two basic types of software that are required, the actual software to create and design the labels and the system software to ensure the drive works with your computer.

The system software for LightScribe enabled drives usually comes with the rest of the recording drive software bundle. 

Anything LightScribe related such as recording media, recording drives, and software, are identified with the LightScribe logo as shown below. If media and recording drives do not have this logo, then the LightScribe labeling system cannot be used.

LightScribe logo that identifies CDs and DVDs as LightScribe compatible, as well as recording drives and software.

Basic LightScribe Software

Basic free software was originally available for download from the LightScribe website. The basic free software that was available was very easy to use and was called Simple Labeler. The Simple Labeler software allows for the creation of very basic titles and circular artwork. Another free software download that at one point was available from the LightScribe website was the Template Labeler. This software was also easy to use and simple, but allows for full disc printing or disc labeling.

Note that the original LightScribe website was taken down in November of 2013, which illustrates that support for the media and label recording system has lost considerable momentum in the marketplace. Fortunately, n its place, you can visit for downloads and a variety of other information dealing with LightScribe.

Enabled Drives come with the LightScribe Software Bundle

If you purchase a LightScribe enabled recording drive, the software bundle for disc recording that comes with the drive contains software that will allow you to use the LightScribe labelling feature. This software varies in terms of complexity. Consult the manufacturer’s literature of your LightScribe enabled drive to get more information about the software being used with the recording drive that you have purchased. Software can also be purchased separately if free software or the software that came bundled with your drive is not acceptable for your needs.

Variety of Templates and Designs Available

The software for LightScribe labeling provides a variety of templates and designs to work with so that labels can be designed that contain many different types of items such as photos, artwork, and text. Other features often included in software for LightScribe labeling include the ability to design crafty mailers, images for jewel cases, and decorative sleeves for CDs and DVDs.

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