Digital Photography Basics

Knowledge of digital photography basics is essential in order to produce quality digital scrapbooking projects.

Whereas traditional scrapbooking involved the use of printed black-and-white or color photographic prints often cut to various shapes or framed into various borders, digital scrapbooking projects rely heavily on digital photos.

A digital SLR camera for taking quality digital photographs.

The digital photography market has exploded in the last few years. This is due to a variety of factors such as the almost complete disappearance of traditional photographic films and printing papers, the reduced production and availability of chemicals required for processing these traditional materials, and the introduction of low cost, high quality, and easy to use digital cameras.

In the early days of photography, this hobby was only available to a few, but now basic digital photography is available to all including even children. Even without a digital camera, digital pictures can still be taken because the digital camera feature has been incorporated into other devices such as cellular phones, tablets, and webcams.

Digital picture of an old abandoned pirate type ship (La Grande Hermine) on the western shore of Lake Ontario close to Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.

With the explosion in digital photography comes a greater flexibility with digital scrapbooking. Digital pictures can be fixed, adjusted, improved, etc., by a variety of digital photo editing software or if you prefer, you can simply leave the digital photos unaltered. The ability to take digital photos and share those photos is simple. This allows a scrapbooker to have a greater variety and choice of photos that in the past, he/she would not be able to get without extensive searching or having to make copies at a photography shop.

Scanning of Photographs

Using digital photos in digital scrapbooking is a lot more than just knowing the digital photography basics of how to use digital cameras. There are other areas that do not involve digital cameras at all. For example, older photos on traditional black-and-white or color photographic papers can be scanned to create digital photos and these can then be incorporated in digital scrapbooking projects. Scanning older material not in digital form provides an incredible amount of options for projects. Scanning negatives and slides, provides an even greater amount of images to work with. Choosing the proper scanner for your project will ensure your project will be a success.

The advantage of scanning also applies to those still doing traditional scrapbooking. Original photos do not have to be altered in anyway for incorporation into a scrapbooking project. The scanned digital copy can be printed out onto digital photo paper and then used as desired without the guilt of altering the only original copy. The valuable originals can then be stored away properly in order to preserve them.

Bright yellow sunflower digital photo with a blue sky background.

Digital Photo Frames

The availability of digital photo frames has opened up an interesting way of sharing your digital scrapbooking projects. There is no need to make guests gather around the computer to enjoy your digital scrapbooking projects. With digital pictures frames, digital scrapbooking projects can be constructed to take advantage of the various features available with these frames and projects can be then displayed anywhere. These photo frames are especially handy at family gatherings and parties, and allow many people to easily enjoy slideshows of your images.

Sharing Platforms

Social media and other similar platforms are another way of sharing your digital photographs. Examples of such programs are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Shutterfly, and many more available throughout the world. The images can be shared to the general public or groups can be created so that only a limited few can see the images. This is a great and easy way to share digital photograph between family members and friends.

Backups of Photographs

In order to preserve digital photographs, proper backups of the images must be made. Storage of digital photos only on one type of medium such as a hard drive, increases the risk of losing them. One option for backups is to use an online photo backup system or to use cloud storage companies. When making backups, it is important to ensure duplicate files are not transferred and thus duplicate photo remover software is useful. Also, it is a good idea to eliminate unwanted photographs so that storage capacity is not used on images that are not desired.

Recommendations on proper storage of digital photographs for the long term are provided at the digital photo storage page. Specific information on using CDs and DVDs for storage of digital photos and other digital information can be found at this page of this digital scrapbooking storage website.

For any individual involved in digital scrapbooking, knowledge of the digital photography basics will produce top quality and memorable digital scrapbooks.

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