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Digital photo tips are provided by Tony Page a writer and professional photographer for over 20 years in order to help you take better digital photography. The eBook Take Better Digital Photos dispels certain myths and ensures that you can take great digital photos without expensive professional digital cameras, without expensive photography courses, and without the knowledge of secret photography techniques.

A woman taking digital photographs with a digital camera and using tips for taking great digital photograph.

Successful digital photography comes with practice and guidance from those you can apprentice with. This eBook is your professional digital photography apprentice and provides simple, straight forward, and easy to understand information instead of complex technical information that you often encounter.

Take Better Digital Photo Tips eBook

The Take Better Digital Photo tips eBook provides a toolbox of creative photographic tools that you can use immediately to improve your digital pictures. Many of the techniques discussed are supported with over one hundred full color examples. Information and clear recommendations for camera settings, use of various camera features, use of accessories, and printing tips are provided.

By following the tips outlined in this eBook, you can produce great digital photographs as shown in the image below. The image shows excellent sharpness, bright and vibrant colors, as well as an interesting depth of field effect. If the right procedures are followed and the proper equipment is utilized to the extent possible, fabulous digital images such as this one can be easily produced.

Digital photograph of colorful pink, white, and fuchsia flowers. The image was taken with a Canon SLR digital camera.

Topics Covered in this Digital Photography eBook

This book helps you learn and use design elements such as: lines, shapes, texture, perspective, and light. Design concepts, namely, simplicity, balance, opposition, dominance, pattern, coherence, and emotion are discussed as well as the following design techniques: rule of thirds, framing, positive and negative space, depth of field, and creative angles.

As for tips for digital photography - "the technical stuff", here are only some of the topics that are discussed:

  • camera basics of shutter, aperture, card formatting, and more
  • camera settings of resolution, file compression, display options, RAW format, etc.
  • taking digital pictures information – scene modes, sharpness adjustments, manual focus, continuous AF mode, noise reduction, and more
  • printing photos - printing options, costs, color correction, inks, professional labs, choose a printer, getting the right colors, calibrating your computer monitor
  • tripods, batteries, filters

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