What is Digital Photography

What is digital photography? Digital photography is the modern method of taking photographs. Traditional photography involves the use of film to record images. 

Light reflected off the subject being photographed enters into the camera lens and exposes film in the camera. The film is very light sensitive and is composed of silver halides in gelatin on a plastic base for black-and-white films and dyes in gelatin on a plastic base for color films. The photographed images appear only after the film is chemically processed. The processed films are then projected onto light sensitive photographic paper and then the paper is developed in order to turn the negatives into positives. Slide film produces positives directly on the film and no printing is necessary. However, projection is required for the best viewing of the images.

Niagara Falls overview digital photographic image taken from the Ontario, Canada side of the falls.

Now, to answer the what is digital photography question, one must focus on how the image is recorded in the digital camera. Instead of film recording the image, sensors in the camera detect the light reflected back from the subject and convert it into many electrical signals. To be brief, the signals are then digitally coded and the codes for the image are stored usually on a flash memory device.

Because digital photography is different than traditional photography many people need help to learn digital photography and understand what is digital photography. Even those with more experience with digital photography may need extra help to produce high quality images with their digital cameras. Manuals for digital cameras can be quite long and complicated and because of this people are often not using their cameras properly or not taking advantage of the many features that are offered on these cameras.

A good digital photography resource is the affordable Mastering Digital Photography Made Easy book. This book is written by a professional photographer and photography instructor with over 30 years of experience and is a must have for those into digital photography or want to learn digital photography properly. The book is designed as a teaching course and constructed to get you to the point where you can take great digital photos easily without the intimidation of all the technical specifications of digital cameras and digital photo technology.

Digital photograph of colorful star fish taken at the Quebec City aquarium in Canada.

Want to learn what is digital photography and how to progress with digital photography? Then this guide is complete with everything you need and it is beautifully illustrated to inspire budding and experienced digital photographers. Whether you are using simple point and shoot cameras or more complicated SLRs, you can take great digital photos with the help of this manual.

A summary of some of the information provided in the Mastering Digital Photography Made Easy course in a book is provided below:

  • learn how to use your digital camera easily and effectively
  • learn how to take better digital photos
  • learn to ensure that colors are deep and vibrant
  • learn how to take better close-ups
  • learn about proper exposure and lighting for your digital camera
  • tips on portrait and wedding photography
  • information on where to get the best savings on cameras and accessories
  • ongoing tips, tutorials, product updates, and so much more digital photography information are included with your purchase

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