Tips for Taking Digital Photography 

Tips for taking digital photography are available in two eBooks. These digital photography tips eBooks will help you take professional looking, clear and sharp digital photos even if you have little experience with digital cameras.

There is no need for expensive digital photography courses to improve your knowledge and skill in this area. There is no need to attend these courses to produce quality digital photographs. There is no need to have a high megapixel expensive camera to produce great digital pictures.

Jamaican beach at a resort on a hot sunny day. By following the proper tips for digital photography it is easy to taken beautiful vacation digital photos such as this one.

Tips for Taking Digital Photography eBooks

You can get all the digital photography tips you need in two eBooks entitled, Digital Photography Success and Advanced Digital Photography all written in simple easy to understand language without all the technical jargon that is often more confusing than helpful. When purchasing these two eBooks, you also get access to Focus, a monthly online magazine that has 30 to 45 minutes of digital photography related videos including step-by-step instructions and different tips for digital photography. Therefore, learning does end with the two eBooks, but continues with the monthly teaching videos and assorted information.

There is plenty of information and tips for digital photography in these two eBooks and monthly electronic magazine. A sampling of some of the information provided is given below.

Digital Photography Success eBook

The information found in this eBook includes:

  • technical camera specifications reduced into simple language
  • the truth about digital zoom and its use
  • secrets of successful and beautify time lapse photography
  • getting the right vibrant colors in your digital photos
  • lighting tips for proper portrait photography
  • how to create backgrounds for portrait photography
  • digital photography of people, not just portraits but great casual images
  • shooting sensational and interesting landscapes
  • learn the secrets on how to take proper digital pictures at different times of the day
  • plenty of information on different types of available digital cameras
  • many more tips for taking digital photographs
Digital photograph of a scenic view taken from an elevated area in Quebec City overlooking the water.

Advanced Digital Photography eBook

In this eBook, you will find the following information on digital photography:

  • how light range and dynamic range work
  • what E/V means and how to easily understand and apply it
  • F stop settings explained in basic terms
  • how to use your traditional camera lens on your digital camera
  • easy way to fix overexposed or underexposed digital pictures

Focus Monthly Online Magazine

This resource provides new digital photography information every month and includes the following:

  • monthly feature article on various digital photography topics
  • video tutorial (usually 30 to 45 minutes in length)
  • travel feature – tips for taking digital photography in specific locations
  • photo editing tips – how to improve those digital photos
  • professional “How To” tips
  • Questions and Answers, Digital Photography Resources, etc.

For additional information on this tips for taking digital photography package and information on how to purchase these digital photography resources, please visit this link.

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