DVD Movies New Releases 

Information on DVD movies new releases can be found on this page. This page links to various websites that provide fresh and relevant information on new releases of DVDs.

There is no need to endlessly search the internet for when your favorite Hollywood movie will be available on DVD. Bookmark this page and visit it often to keep up to date on which DVD movies will be released in the future and their approximate release dates.

In some cases, additional information may be provided about the upcoming release of the DVD version of a movie. This information might indicate the type of features that will accompany the DVD movie disc such as deleted scenes, alternative endings, various interviews, actor profiles, and more. In addition, trailers for the yet to be released DVD movie are also occasionally provided as well as reviews of the movies, and any other news related to the DVD movie.

DVD movies new releases such as Clean and Sober, Raw Deal, and The Hype, can be found on a variety of website sites like Moviefone, Rotten Tomatoes, or Metacritic.

DVD Movies New Releases List

The following websites can be visited if information is required on the release of movies on DVD. Many of these provide a RSS feed. By subscribing to the feed, you can be alerted every time a new release or set of new releases takes place. For some this is convenient but others do not want to be bombarded with information. Occasionally, visiting this webpage and the links below allows retrieval of DVD new movies releases list when desired.


At Metacritic, the two key areas provided are the New Releases section and the Coming Soon section. In the New Release section, a picture of the DVD jacket is provided, as well as a description of the movie, and release date. A Metacritic and user score are provided to help in the decision making process as to whether to purchase the DVD or not. Similar information is provided in the Coming Soon section, including the anticipated release date. A variety of other information such as Blu-ray movie releases, games information, theatre releases, and video movie trailers are provided.

Rotten Tomatoes

At Rotten Tomatoes, a wide variety of information is provided about movies, TV shows, streaming content available, and in theatre movies. This website is also well known for its critic’s and audience scores, which help individuals, decide whether they want to watch the content or not. For DVDs, there is a Top DVD section, a New Release section, a Coming Soon section, and an area designated as Certified Fresh. For each movie title, a description is provided, critics and user scores and comments, release dates, and much more content. Example of this extra content related to each movie includes actor interviews and news.


Like the other sites that have been described, Moviefone provides all the necessary information required when looking for DVD movies new releases. For each movie listed, the release date is provided, rating, length of movie, a plot summary, cast, director, genre listing, and the production company. In addition, movie trailers are provided, feature news, rating and reviews, and recommendations for movies similar to the one being researched.

Many other websites that provide similar information to those listed can be found when searching the Internet. However, by visiting any of the three described on this page, information on new DVD movie releases can be easily found.

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