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The digital media storage websites page provides a list of digital media resources so that you can get additional information on digital storage media.

Adding a Digital Media Storage Website

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Digital Scrapbooking Storage

Plenty of digital media storage information currently exists on the Digital Scrapbooking Storage website as indicated below.

First, there is a section of the website devoted to CD formats. All the different formats from read-only to erasable are discussed. Additional information is provided on gold archival recordable CDs.

Different digital media such as a recordable CD or CD-R, a BD-R or recordable Blu-ray disc, a floppy disk, and a USB flash drive.

There is also a section on the different types of DVD formats. Whether searching for information on DVD movie discs, DVD-Rs, or archival DVDs, this section of this website provides all the information required on DVD storage formats.

In addition, there is also a Blu-ray optical disc section with plenty of information on this newer optical disc storage format.

The Digital Scrapbooking Storage website provides even more information on optical disc media such as damage and repair and recommended storage containers and conditions.

The structure of magnetic storage disks such as floppy discs and hard disks as well as flash storage media is another topic discussed in detail. In addition, how to properly store these materials for good longevity and problems that these storage media may encounter over their lifetime are subjects where information is provided.

To ask a question about digital media and to browse through other readers questions and answers provided by a digital media expert, visit the digital storage media questions and answers page of this website.

Visit the digital media resources page for additional information on these types of information storage devices.

Listed below is a directory of digital media storage websites to provide you with even more information on storage media for digital information.

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