Digital Media Resources

Digital media resources are found on this page of the digital scrapbooking storage website. The resources provided deal with digital media and a variety of other topics.

Digital Media Resources

Digital frames can serve as a unique form of digital media storage for your precious photos and other memorabilia. Digital Frames Connect People! is a website where you can find all the information you need for choosing and using digital frames for your own pleasure, as well as to share your unforgettable moments and keep connected with friends and family.

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Home Recording Now - Setting up a home recording studio in your home/bedroom is easier and less expensive than you may think. Home Recording Now is a resource where you can find the information you need to build your studio from scratch or move it to the next level.

Laptop Buyer's Guide - Helps you get your ideal laptop and the best price.

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    What is a hard drive? Internal or external computer hard drives or hard disks are storage media used by computers to store digital information.

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    DVD disc repair and cd disc repair are required for degraded or damaged discs. Optical media are not indestructible and they can degrade by physical and chemical means.

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    A VHS to DVD converter takes analog video and converts it to digital. This is one way to preserve memories of special events recorded on VHS tapes.

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