DVD Easter Eggs 

What are DVD Easter Eggs?

DVD Easter eggs are special features on DVD movie discs and Blu-ray movie discs that are hidden or not plainly visible and not documented. Like a traditional Easter egg hunt, these hidden gems need to be searched for.

The Easter eggs are usually accessible through the main menu or submenus on a DVD movie disc. Easter eggs can also be found on various gaming software discs.

The type of hidden material varies from DVD and Blu-ray movie to DVD and Blu-ray movie and not all discs have them. Various websites have appeared on the internet where people who find DVD movie Easter eggs can post the information for all to see. While some find this useful because they cannot find the hidden features and prefer not to search for them, others prefer to look for themselves to see if an Easter egg exists or not.

A Blu-ray movie disc (Kingdom of Heaven) and DVD movie disc (The Fast and the Furious), both of which may contain hidden Blu-ray and DVD Easter eggs.

Hidden material can include outtakes, concept art, deleted scenes, music videos, movie soundtracks not in the original movie, interviews, and other bonus features.

DVD Easter Eggs Examples

A couple of examples of DVD Easter Eggs are provided below in order to give you some idea on how to go about finding this hidden material.

Fast and Furious

In the Fast and Furious 2 Disc Special Edition DVD there is a behind the scenes type Easter Egg. To find it, on the special features disc of the two-disc set, go to the second page. Highlight the title “South of the Border: Filming in Mexico” and then press the left arrow of your remote and follow this by pressing the down arrow. When you do this a broken camera mysteriously appears. At this point, pressing enter will take you to the hidden material.

Sister Act

In the DVD Sister Act, you can find hidden interviews by following this procedure. At the main menu page, go to the bottom part where it says to play the movie. When the title “Play the Movie” is highlighted, click the left arrow and Whoopi Goldberg’s red shoe turns to green. Clicking on that highlighted green shoe takes you to the hidden interview.

DVD and Blu-ray Easter Egg Websites

If searching for these hidden pieces of information is not for you, then the following websites can provide details on whether your movie disc contains Easter eggs or not and if yes, how to find them.

The website Hidden DVD Easter Eggs lists over 2600 DVDs and Blu-rays with this type of content. It also provides a section for the ten most popular Easter eggs and the ten most recent eggs. The site was last updated in May of 2019. You can search your movie title alphabetically.

Another useful website is The Easter Egg Archive. This website has close to 2000 DVD Easter eggs listed.

Finally, the website Moviemistakes.com, provides plenty of Easter egg information for Blu-rays and DVDs. Also provided for each movie listed are mistakes, quotes, trivia and plenty more information for each movie title.

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