Digital Media Storage Websites 

The digital media storage websites page provides a list of digital media resources so that you can get additional information on digital storage media.

Would you like to add a digital storage media resource to this page? This can be done by following the directions below.

Please email and provide the following information with the appropriate html code:

• the url of your site
• the title of the site as you would like it to appear
• a short description

An example of how the digital storage media submission should appear is as follows:

Only submissions in this format will be considered for posting in this digital media storage websites resource list.


Also, please copy the html code below and paste it on a page of your digital media website so that visitors to your website can consult additional digital storage media resources as well.

In the e-mail sent to, please indicate the location of where the link to exists.

Once receives your e-mail and verifies that a link has been placed on your digital media website in a suitable location, then your digital storage media resource will be added to the website.

Listed below is a directory of digital resources to provide you with even more information on storage media for digital information.

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