CD DVD Duplication Services 

CD DVD duplication services are available to economically produce several copies of your digital content on recordable CD or recordable DVD discs.

In some instances, whether for personal or business reasons, it is necessary to share or distribute media widely on removable media. One way of doing this is by using CD-R or DVD-R duplication services or equipment. Whether you choose CD-R or DVD-R as the target format, the process is the same. Your original disc content is duplicated or copies are made. 

Of course, you would likely choose DVD-R when your digital content will not fit on a single CD-R. Distributing content widely when it is spread over multiple discs is generally not convenient and not preferred when there is an option to distribute that same content all on a single disc.

A spindle of DVD-R or recordable DVDs ready to be used in DVD duplication.

Duplication versus Replication

CD R duplication or DVD R duplication equipment or services would only be employed when copying a fairly large number of discs. For example, you would not use this service or equipment for a small run of 10 discs. However, for an amount of up to 1000 discs CD DVD duplication services are the right choice and cheaper than CD DVD replication. However, once the requirement is for more than 1000 discs, it is more cost effective to use a replication service. The cost effectiveness of either method depends on the requirements of the job and how much the duplication or replication service is charging, as prices do vary from company to company.

Purchase CD DVD Duplication Equipment

The first option is to purchase equipment to do the CD DVD duplication in-house. The basic equipment consists of one or several recording drives in to make copies of the original disc at the same time. Various options are available and the selection of the type of equipment is dependent on individual needs. Options to look at are:

  • which disc formats can be burned by the drives
  • at what speeds the burners operate and consequently at what rate disc are copying occurs
  • whether the CD DVD duplication device is a stand-alone system or it needs a hook up to a computer
  • whether the drives require manual disc feeding or automatic feeding by a robotic system
  • which type of disc labeling system is used to label the copied discs

CD DVD Duplication Services

The second option is using CD DVD duplication services. These companies have the equipment described above and payment for the service is based on the quantity of discs required, the type of disc used, the type of labeling and artwork required, the need for insert materials, and the type of packaging for the discs. This is likely a better option if CD and DVD duplication is not regularly performed. If this service is required often, then purchasing a system, which is at a reasonably low cost nowadays, is the better option.

Duplication is generally quicker in terms of turn around times than replication, which involves creating the actual disc media from scratch as opposed to simply recording the information onto an already manufactured CD-R or DVD-R. 

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