CD Jewel Cases Slim Style

CD jewel cases slim styles are preferred by many for storing CDs and DVDs. These cases are about half the thickness of the standard jewel case. The standard case is approximately 10 mm thick, whereas the slim CD jewel case is around 5 mm thick. The slim jewel cases are usually in two pieces – a top cover piece and a bottom tray piece with a center hub to support the disc. Standard jewel cases have three pieces – a top cover, a bottom part, and an insert tray with a more pronounced center hub.

Slim cases come in multiple colors and are primarily used because of their slightly cheaper cost when compared to the standard case and the fact that they save storage space on shelving. The CD jewel cases slim styles do support discs at the hub so that the discs do not move in the case which is an important requirement. For the most part the surfaces of the disc do not contact the case surfaces if the case is left undisturbed and this is also a necessary feature because it prevents surface abrasions and damage to the disc. The slim CD jewel cases also provide a reasonable degree of physical protection for discs. All these stated benefits make the slim jewel case the preferred CD or DVD storage container when compared to other storage options such as paper or plastic sleeves. However, for maximum disc protection the standard case is still preferred. The standard case provides more separation between the disc and the case and therefore less risk of damage. With slight compression the slim case will contact the disc and may damage it. The slim case is also a little less sturdy than the standard case which is more difficult to distort.

Therefore, for maximum protection for your CDs and DVDs, use the standard jewel case. The slim cases are a better choice than sleeves, but pose a bit more risk in terms of causing damage to the discs stored inside than do the standard size cases.

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