Clear CD Jewel Cases

by Darlene

A clear CD jewel case. The tray of this jewel case is made of polystyrene and is believed to be inert towards discs.

A clear CD jewel case. The tray of this jewel case is made of polystyrene and is believed to be inert towards discs.

There are many different types of jewel cases available for the storage of CDs. I am concerned that some may be harmful to CDs over a long period of storage time and therefore want to store my discs in the proper jewel case. Are the clear CD jewel cases better than those which are not clear?

When you mention the word clear, it may refer to two things with regards to a jewel case, the case itself or the holding tray. First, the holding tray of the jewel case can come in various looks including clear, white, black, gray, and various other colors. Whether the clear CD jewel cases are safer in the long term or not than the other alternatives for your CDs is a question that presently has no definitive answer. There has been some speculation that some cases are worse than others, but this is just speculation or anecdotal. There has been little scientific testing to establish what effect different types of trays have on CDs or other optical disc media. However, because the clear cases are likely to contain less additives, such as dyes, fillers, etc., then they might be a better choice overall.

The other issue of clarity is with respect to the actual case. Polystyrene is the plastic used to manufacture the clear CD jewel cases. The main problem with these cases is that they are fragile and often crack or shatter. Another type of jewel case that is available uses polypropylene. These cases are not as clear as the polystyrene ones, but still translucent enough to see the disc or insert materials inside. These polypropylene jewel cases are ideal for situations where the case is being handled frequently because they will not crack or shatter and are a lot more durable.

More information on jewel cases can be found at the cd storage page.

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Oct 08, 2012
Inert Polypropylene Jewel Cases
by: Anonymous

I tend to use a lot of the polypropylene jewel cases. These are advertised as being safe for CDs. Also, my discs experience frequent handling and they are very durable. For polystyrene cases or regular brittle cases, when my discs are sent out, the cases often come back cracked. In some cases, the pieces of the cracked jewel case have led to disc damage.

Although polypropylene cases can be more expensive than regular cases, they are a good investment for protecting your rare and valuable disc media.

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