Best External Hard Drive Reviews 

Internal or external hard drive reviews to find the best external hard drive or internal hard disk drive are available on several different sites listed below.


This site provides reviews for all types of hard drives. Expert reviews cover the topics of design, the various features that are available for the product, and the all-important performance characteristics of the hard drive.

Also provided is a specifications tab, to get some key information about the reviewed product. Included are pictures of the product from various viewpoints, as well as a compare prices tab, where the price for the external hard drive is listed for a few different retailers such as CDW, Amazon, PC Nation, and more. There is also a user review section, and to complete the review, an Editor’s rating to help in the selection of the best external hard drive.


CNET provides extensive internal and external hard drive reviews on a wide range of products. The reviews can be searched by price of the hard drive, size of the hard drive, type of hard drive – internal, external, hot-swap hard drive, removable hard drive, or via other criteria such as storage interface, form factor, average seek time, hard drive connector, and bay type. 

A USB external hard drive. Reviews from various websites can be used to help select the proper external or internal hard drive for your needs.

Each review provides the following information to help in the selection of the best external hard drive: product description, pros, cons, suitability, and value. A user review section is available, along with ratings and a specification section. Finally, the site includes a “Where to Buy” area along with comparative pricing information and an option to compare the key features of several hard drives together on the same page.

Storage Review

This website provides external hard drive reviews on a regular basis. Several reviews are written each month with each review dated to facilitate the selection of the best internal or external hard drive product. Each review contains several pictures of the product, a description of the product, detailed specifications, aesthetics section, disassembly section, synthetic benchmark values, real-world benchmark values, warranty information, pros for the hard drive product, cons for the product, an overall conclusion, and a bottom-line statement or result. The website also shows current pricing and comparative shopping information.

External Hard Drive Reviews

This website provides external hard drives reviews for a wide variety of different hard drives. Detailed information for several items helps in the selection of the best external hard drive. Information provided includes, but not limited to, the following: design, ports and connectivity, compatibility, features, cost per GB, performance, power consumption, warranty, and final verdict on the reviewed product.

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