The BMG DVD club now operates under the Columbia House DVD movie club name. BMG acquired Columbia House in 2005 and later BMG was acquired by Direct Brands, Inc. 

However, the Columbia House brand name for the DVD movie club has survived.

This movie club offers an extremely large variety of DVD movies to choose from at prices lower than what you would pay at retail stores.

It is a great way to build your DVD movie collection or to get a copy of your favorite movie at DVD quality and not substandard download quality off of the internet. The DVD movies are no different than the ones you would purchase at a retailer. All ordering can be done online, making it extremely easy to manage your membership account and to make your DVD movie selections.

Several thousands of DVD movie titles are available from this Columbia House DVD club in a large number of different categories. The main DVD movie subject categories include: Action and Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Documentaries, Drama, Family, Fitness, Horror, International, Live Performance and Music, Musical, Mystery and Suspense, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Television, Urban, War, and Western. Each of these main DVD move categories contains several sub-categories for even more selection options. Some new releases are available even before they hit the retail stores, allowing you to have your movie before everyone else. Some hard to find DVD movies are also among the many DVD titles in the Columbia House BMG inventory.

With the BMG club or Columbia House DVD movie club your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Click on the banner below for more information on how to join and for membership details and privileges.

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