The BMG DVD Club now operates under the Columbia House DVD movie club name. BMG acquired Columbia House in 2005 and later BMG was acquired by Direct Brands, Inc. However, the Columbia House brand name for the DVD movie club has survived.

This movie club offers an extremely large variety of DVD movies to choose from at prices lower than what you would pay at retail stores.

DVD Club Details

The DVD Club is a great way to build your DVD movie collection and to get a copy of your favorite movie at DVD quality and not substandard download quality off the internet. The DVD movies are no different from the ones you would purchase at a retailer. All ordering can be done online, making it extremely easy to manage your membership account and to make your DVD movie selections.

The way the BMG DVD club works is simple. When you sign up, the reward is that two DVDs can be purchased for $9.95 each. After that, there is up to a 60 percent savings off future purchases. Every few weeks, a list of best picks made by the editor will be provided from which selections can be made. There is no obligation to select these picks. Free shipping is provided when the order is $35 or more. Finally, there is no obligation to purchase in the future and the membership can be cancelled at any time. With the BMG club or Columbia House DVD movie club, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Columbia House or BMG DVD club for the purchase of DVD movies.

Columbia House DVD Club Tips

Some of the titles listed in the BMG DVD Club can be quite expensive, especially new releases or more obscure titles. Therefore, it is best to stay away from these, unless the DVD is really desired or cannot be found elsewhere. The best deals are in the Clearance section and therefore, it is a good idea to monitor regularly this section of the club website in order to maximize savings.

BMG DVD Club Movie Titles

Each movie title in the club comes with an image of the cover jacket. Clicking on the jacket opens another page where a full description of the DVD movie is provided, as well as additional details such as release date, actors, etc.

DVD movies available from the BMG DVD Club or Columbia House DVD club.

Several thousands of DVD movie titles are available from this Columbia House DVD club in a large number of different categories. The main DVD movie subject categories include: Action and Adventure, Classics, Comedy, Documentaries, Drama, Family, Fitness, Horror, International, Live Performance and Music, Musical, Mystery and Suspense, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Television, Urban, War, and Western. Each of these main DVD move categories contains several sub-categories for even more selection options.

Some new releases are available even before they hit the retail stores, allowing the purchase of movies before everyone else. Some hard to find DVD movies are also among the many DVD titles in the Columbia House BMG inventory. An Upcoming Releases section is provided, as well as a Best Seller section and Oscar Nominees.

The BMG DVD Club also has Blu-ray movies available for purchase. Although nowhere near the wide selection that is available for DVDs, the Blu-ray section does provide some recent titles and the inventory is growing.

Columbia House DVD Club Alternatives

This movie club has been around for many years, satisfying DVD movie lovers for a long time. However, nowadays there are alternatives to joining the club. Streaming movie services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and others, are quite popular and satisfy the movie-watching urge of many. However, there is a segment of the movie watching population that still enjoy collecting DVDs and having the physical movie format in their possession.

Outside of joining a movie club, various retail stores are still selling DVDs and often at discounted prices. Waiting for sales is a good way to pick up DVD movies for cheap. Unfortunately, the selection is usually poor and this is where an organization such as the BMG DVD Club has an advantage.

Lastly, DVD movies can be found in the used marketplace. This is growing everyday as many people start to unload their unwanted physical media. However, when using this route to build a DVD movie collection, it is important to be wary of physical damage to discs such as scratches and cracks. Unless used discs are inspected prior to purchase, there is a good possibility that they will not function properly due to damage, usually caused by poor storage and handling by the prior owners.

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